Race Recap: Sweetwater 420 Fest 5k

In case it wasn’t obvious from the title of the blog post, my knee is on the mend and I’m even running races here and there.

The Sweetwater 5k was about two months ago (belated recap, yes), and I had been back to running for a few weeks at the time of the race. My goal was to see how fit I was and NOT to race the 5k.

What a cute sentiment.

The race, in numbers:

  • Friends running race with me: 6
  • Photographs taken: 0
  • First mile: 7:45
  • Second mile: 8:13
  • Third mile: 8:45
  • Pace of last 0.1 miles: 9:31/mile
  • Garmin: 3.17 miles in 26:20
  • Official: 26:30

The race, in words:

  • I am not racing.
  • WEEEEEEEEEE look how fast I can run!!!
  • Should probably slow down.
  • All aboard the suffer bus!
  • Just make it stop.
  • #positivesplitsgalore

The course is relatively flat for the first mile or so as it runs up Marietta Street from Centennial Olympic Park. The hills get really nasty in the third mile, as the course winds in and out of (super hilly) side streets off of Luckie Street, before returning to the park at a more modest incline. The race had a standard cotton t-shirt, and (OF COURSE) your choice of post-race Sweetwater beer. 


While the outcome of my race wasn’t super-satisfying, and I didn’t even meet my supposedly achievable goal of not racing (for a mile at least), I was still happy to be able to run a race!

Questions for you:

Have you ever gone out way too fast in a race?

If you’ve had a running injury, how was your first race back?


5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Sweetwater 420 Fest 5k

  1. It’s so hard not to take off and run at the pace you feel you should be (without injury). Sometimes I will take off at the pace I ran my last race, not taking into account that I haven’t run in the past 2 months or that the humidity is at 90% or any other race day factors. Clearly I will not be writing a book anytime soon on how to be a smart runner. But I think your race times were really great for post-knee injury! And your knee didn’t hurt at all during the race or after? That’s great too!

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    • Thanks! I’m 100% with you about taking off at your last race pace – I’ve been doing the same thing. We could co-author the book of things not to do! The knee has been doing great. Sometimes it will hurt a little when I’ve been slacking on my exercises, but it hurts in what I’ve been calling a “yellow light” kind of way…one that tells me to pay extra attention to engaging my glutes and getting back in the swing of doing my exercises.

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  2. It’s so hard not to go out too fast during a race. but you live and you learn. Just think of the hurt that you felt at the end at the next race. haha. jk. I totally know the feeling though.!
    great times either way.! Good job on your race


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