A New Year Approaches: 2015 Goals & Wild Dreams

‘Tis the season for reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the new year. The pinnacle of my year in running was two weeks ago, and I’ve recapped and analyzed it to death, so I’m going straight for the 2015 goal post.

I’ve found that going public with goals is helpful with enforcing discipline. Early in my marathon training, there were times when the only thing that got me out the door to train was the fact that I’d been open with the whole of the Internet that I wanted to beat Oprah.

Last week, Elizabeth had a get-together for a group of Atlanta female running bloggers, and spending just an evening with these ladies was inspirational. This group of women had their first BQs, their first children, ran ultras, got massive PRs, and started training for their first marathons and triathlons. This brief summary isn’t even doing the accomplishments of the group justice.

Believe training journal

To add inspiration to inspiration, I was lucky enough to get the Believe Training Journal as my gift in the dirty Santa game (thanks Amy!). I’d heard good things about this journal, but even flipping through it has exceeded my expectations. There’s a goal-setting section, and this quote really stood out to me: “Give yourself the freedom to dream without regard for what is or isn’t possible.”

That is 100% not my M.O.

Not even a little bit.

In an earlier post, I described my goal-setting process for the St. Jude Marathon. It’s very practical and attainable, not bad qualities for a first marathon time goal, but my goal-setting process is always that conservative.

So today, I’m going to throw out some practical, conservative goals and some wild dreams. I’m going to put myself out there and flex my oft-neglected dreaming muscles. It’s both freeing and scary!

  • Strive for balance. I left a job that ruled my life a year ago, and I’m not going to let anything take its place. This past fall, I struggled with letting go of training while on an awesome vacation. I’m not letting that happen again. My goal is to be a better friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, cousin, coworker, cat lady, and member of the community. Running has enriched my life, but I don’t want to become so singularly focused on it that it crowds out other important things.
  • Run a 5k in under 24:28. The Peachtree Road Race is one of my favorite events, but I always get bogged down by the crowds in the first half mile or so. The corrals are assigned based on qualifying race times, and by last year’s standards, a 24:28 5k would move me into a higher corral. A 24:28 5k is 1:03 faster than my 5k personal best, which happens to be the only 5k I’ve run. Anyone in the Atlanta area with suggestions of fast 5k road races in January-March, send ’em my way! I’d like to run 3-4 races in the next 3 months.
  • Avenge the Publix Georgia Half Marathon. I had a bad race last year. I want to avenge it. No specific time goals, just run a race I’m proud of.
  • Run a fall marathon. This goal is contingent upon being consistent with goal #1 up above, but I’d love to get another crack at 26.2 in the coming year. The most important goal will be training smart and doing my best, but if I could break the 4 hour mark, I’d be thrilled.
  • Contribute to the running community. Running has been a solo pursuit for me so far, but I’d like to expand my horizons: volunteering at races, running with buddies, pacing, etc. I think there’s a lot of support and camaraderie that I can give and receive by investing in the community aspect of running.

Wild dreaming time:

Atlanta people: I’d love your help with meeting my goal of becoming integrated in the running community. Give me a shout if you want to go for a run or volunteer at a race!
Also, let me know your 2015 goals!  Leave a comment or tweet at me – @racingoprah 🙂


11 thoughts on “A New Year Approaches: 2015 Goals & Wild Dreams

  1. I love that you are putting your goals out there for the world to see.. it’s both bold and inspiring!

    Referring to your last bullet point about contributing to the running community — That is something that I have done over the past year or so and I must say that it has changed my running for the better. Joining a running club/group is very inspiring and motivational, it’s nice to not ALWAYS have to be alone during my runs. Also, volunteering at races makes you appreciate all the work that is put into every race!


  2. Balance is one of my goals for 2015 as well! It can be so easy to get wrapped up in one thing and just bulldoze ahead. Staying present is key.

    Good luck next year, looks like it will be a good one! 🙂


  3. Great goals for 2015! I know you can and will accomplish all of them, including your BQ time eventually. Although not in the spring, a fast Atlanta 5K is the Vinings Downhill 5K in August. Although there are a few hills, it is fast. It is also a great race with a nice post-race party. Good luck with your goals! I’d be glad to run with you anytime or pace you at a 5K 🙂

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  4. Thanks for sharing your goals! I think I may do the same on my blog. I think you could definitely hit that sub-4:00 marathon given your current race times! I attempted that goal earlier this year and sadly missed it due to some unusual ankle/knee pain on race day, but maybe I’ll try again this year! I’m aiming to hit under 25 min for a 5k, but I tend to be better at running longer distances than shorter distances.


    • I would definitely encourage you to share your goals! If you decide to do it, I think you’ll find it to be such a positive experience. Most people are so supportive as you train to reach your goals, and continue to be supportive whether you meet them or not. I knew just one person who was negative toward my marathon goal, but anyone who is going to act like that isn’t a person whose opinion matters anyway. Best of luck with your goals this year, and I hope I get to read about them soon 🙂


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