I’m Baaaaaack: Training Update

It’s been a few weeks since I last updated the blog, so here’s a brief update. It’s been all training and travel for me lately.

I changed training plans. Generally I’d say switching midstream is a bad idea, but I made the change for a couple of good reasons (in my mind).

a) I got an early start. The standard window for marathon training is 16 weeks, but I started training 20 weeks before the race to give myself a little head start in case of setbacks: illness (check), tough work weeks (check), vacation (check, and a stingray sting to boot). I started my new plan 15 weeks before the race, and I’m committed to seeing it through to the marathon!

b) I wasn’t confident in my existing plan. Leading up to and after the Peachtree Road Race, I began a ramp up of my weekly mileage from around 20 miles per week to 26/27 miles per week in anticipation of marathon training. Starting the plan at that weekly mileage caused my old plan to ramp up my long runs wayyyy faster than I was comfortable with. In the beginning, it was easy enough to subtract a mile or two from the long run and add it to a midweek run. As the long runs got to 16/18/20 miles in weeks 5, 6, and 7, I was basically going to have to rewrite the plan. I don’t feel comfortable with my expertise in designing marathon training plans, so I did a lot of research and selected a plan that excites me and makes me feel confident again! I think the mental aspect of training is so important, and I’m excited to be back on track.

I spent a week in Boston. Home to tons of history, delicious seafood, fall-like August weather, and the world’s greatest marathon. I ate amazing food, went on a ghost tour, and had the best week of training! (I got some work done too.)

Boston: a couple photos from runs along the Charles River, the best lobster roll from Neptune Oyster House, and the graveyard behind Old North Church.

My stingray wound is healing! Thanks to googling stingray wounds, I was pretty certain I’d end up with a massively infected foot and 4 months of healing. I’ll post specifics later because there is sad shortage of positive experiences with stingray wounds on the internet. With vigilant cleaning/dressing/infection prevention, I was able to continue training for the marathon through the healing process and avoided infection without the use of antibiotics.

Look out for a yummy post coming up soon!


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