On Bad Workout Days // A Follow-Up

Last week I had a bad workout day. Today, as I was sitting around after my long run watching The Wire  and surfing the web (does anyone say “surfing the web” anymore?), I found this article on how to incorporate a “Plan B” workout when your original plan isn’t working out. The article’s focus is both physiological and psychological – getting a similar training effect to the planned workout and feeling good about your effort.

Definitely check out the full article, but here’s an excerpt that I found particularly helpful:

If your scheduled workout is a 4 mile tempo run but you feel like garbage, here are two alternatives:

  • Shorten the tempo to 2 miles and add 6 x 1 minute fartlek intervals at your 10k race pace
  • Break up the tempo run to 6 x 800m (or half mile) tempo intervals with 1 minute jog recovery

The author provides several example scenarios, and makes the general point that shorter, faster intervals can often be substituted for longer, slower intervals.

Hopefully I won’t have any need to use a “Plan B” workout anytime soon, but the points in this article will come in handy if I need to!

How about you guys – have any of you adopted a “Plan B” strategy in your training? How did it go?


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