#SuperLongRunday and How Do Running Bloggers Have All These Sweet Photos?

Oprah has #SuperSoulSunday, and while my weekend ritual bears absolutely zero resemblance to Oprah’s, I will be filing my long runs away under the hashtag #SuperLongRunday. (I promise there will be no mention of Deepak Chopra, and thanks to Jeff for the inspiration!)

I was in Nashville this weekend to hang out with some friends of Jeff’s, so I got to do my first official marathon training long run in the Music City. Lee and Julie – our amazing hosts for the weekend – suggested the Shelby Bottoms Greenway, which was a great spot to get in a long run. It was populated but not too crowded, a mix of shady and sunny, and had pretty scenery – particularly this bridge over the Cumberland River.


My first week long run plan was pretty simple: 10 miles at a 10:31/mile pace. For the first 4 miles of the run, no different from usual, I felt like I was crawling and hitting around 10:15 paces. I slowed down to the high 10’s in the middle of the run because of a few pauses to take photos. I was right on pace for the last few miles, and the last mile was hot and hilly and tough and I just muscled through it – another high 10 minute mile. Overall, I ran an average of 10:36/mile, close enough to the plan and worth it to take in some nice scenery.

With the backdrop of the greenbelt and river scenery, I decided I needed to remedy a shortcoming in my blog. All the running blogs I’ve seen have an inexplicable abundance of running photos. I’m talking about training run photos here people, not race photos (which you will not be seeing from me anytime soon, my race photos look like this).

So in order to be a good little running blogger, I decided to for it and asked a very nice gentleman in a very orange Tennessee cycling jersey to document the moment, and now you all can see what I look like 7 miles into a July long run:

Long run

In summary, getting the photo was awkward and a pain. I’d be interested to hear how you blogging and Instagramming fitness buffs manage to document your athletic pursuits. Leave a comment below with tips please – I could use any help I can get!

Many thanks to Lee and Julie for hosting us in their gorgeous home, for hooking me up with sunscreen and water for my run, and for a super fun rest of the weekend.


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